At 11:59 PM, Pacific Time on August 1, VOIPo will release a public beta version of their newly redesigned vPanel web portal. The vPanel facelift is a result of VOIPo’s due diligence in customer service.

The number one complaint about the old panel, according to VOIPo founder/CEO Timothy Dick, was the navigation and sub-navigation of menus and tabs. In the new version, all navigation will be alphabetical and organized into only four categories: Account, Features, Support, and BETA. The BETA area offers new features that are being tested, such as the ability to enable text messages on VOIPo numbers.

The vPanel is still in beta release, and VOIPo expects there to be some bugs. For now, VOIPo is restricting the new version only to its residential and small business customers. As the bugs are worked out, VOIPo expects to expand the new vPanel into other account types. For the time being, customers will have the choice to use the new vPanel or the old one.