eVoice’s slogan is “A Radically Better Phone Number.” And eVoice is marketing just that: a phone number. This is not to understate the importance of a phone number, it’s an understanding of a changing world. Companies like OnSIP and Phonebooth are winning over major tech startups by understanding the versatility of a VoIP phone number. eVoice is in good company.

When it comes to business VoIP services, you mainly see two models: the all you can eat model, and the a la carte. Either model will offer you huge savings over traditional phone companies and legacy PBX systems. eVoice follows the a la carte model, offering cheap, metered minutes, and tailored plans to give customers as much as they need, but not pay for bloat. eVoice’s cheapest plan is only $9.95/mo, and includes two extensions and 300 minutes; you can choose a local or a toll-free number; overage minutes are 5.9 cents each. The $19.95/mo plan has 3 extensions and includes 500 minutes. At this tier, you also get VIP setup and support, the option of 1-800 numbers (not just 877, 866 and 855) and the option of number porting; overage minutes are 4.9 cents each. At the “best value” plan of $29.95/mo, you get 1000 minutes, five extensions, and a vanity number search. So, if you want 212-PRODUCT, they’ll see if it’s available. The same goes for 1-800 PRODUCT. Overage minutes are only 3.9 cents at this tier. Once you have the $29.95/mo plan, you can scale up by adding more extensions. Each extension comes with its own mailbox. You also can add unlimited virtual extensions which will forward to any of your existing mailboxes.

So what is the significance of a phone number, anyway? In today’s business world, work is no longer location based. Many people can get as much work done in a favorite coffee shop as they can in an office. If you are one of those people, then you understand the value of a client or colleague being able to reach you—not an empty office, you. With VoIP, you don’t just take your phone with you, you take your number with you. eVoice can ring up to three phones simultaneously or sequentially when you receive a call.

Your phone number is also your company’s window to the world. eVoice emphasizes the features of VoIP that can make a company of one seem like a Fortune 500 company. You can set up multiple numbers in different area codes, have a dial-by-name directory, hold music, and even have professional voice actors record your greeting. You can be running your business in your pajamas and sound like you’re wearing a thousand dollar suit. It inspires confidence in your clients and potential clients.

One feature I’ve always liked is voicemail transcription. Even some of the biggest names in business VoIP, such as RingCentral and 8×8, lack this feature. eVoice puts it front and center as one of their core features. Incoming voicemails are transcribed and automatically forwarded to an email or text. It’s a sure time saver. Each plan includes 40 transcriptions per month, and you can add more either 40 at a time per month, or pay 10 cents each over your limit.

Speaking of time saving, one of their videos showed how easy it was to add numbers in different area codes. In the video, in the time it took to wait for dinner in a restaurant, the eVoice guy set up a “new office” in Chicago with just a smartphone.The eVoice mobile app is compatible with iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. The app allows searching through your transcribed voicemails, syncing with existing contacts, and a speed dial. The options for your phone numbers and your mobile app are both controlled by an online portal. The online portal also shows call history and allows you to listen to your voicemail.

eVoice also has two other features that belie its low price: click to call and a 96-way conference bridge. The click to call is a widget that you set up on your web site. When someone clicks it, your phone rings. From there, your minutes are billed normally. The conference bridge doesn’t cost extra to have, but it saps up minutes when you use it. Each minute of a conference call is billed per caller per minute. So a five minute conference call with ten people will use fifty minutes. Your account has a PIN code for meet-me conferences. eVoice offers a solid feature set at a great value. Their straight-ahead pricing scheme is easy to understand and easy to scale. eVoice is a VoIP provider with a 21st century radical mindset.

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