NextOS 3.0 is a new platform from Nextiva. The top-to-bottom platform brings unified communication to the next generation with personalized plans for business VoIP, call centers, SIP trunking, and E-faxing.

So what does all that mean?

NextOS – not to be confused with NeXT, the computer company and platform created by Apple founder Steve Jobs – is the name for Nextiva’s latest platform for small and medium sized businesses (SMB). NextOS platform is powered by a highly advanced technology, which powers many business VoIP service providers offering a number of premium features, some of which are unique to Nextiva, that help businesses generate leads and make sales, and improve productivity.

NextOS features a host of new features that are only possible through the continual development of the SIP standard. One great feature is “Call Me Now.” Call Me Now is a widget that goes on your company’s web site. The customer or prospective customer presses a hyperlink and enters his phone number. This initiates a call to both your phone and the customers’ phone, so you can immediately connect with your customers. This is a huge step forward over having a chat box. Another great feature is the Nextiva Connect virtual phone system. A variation on the Find Me/Follow Me, incoming calls are automatically routed to you, wherever you are. All the features of NextOS are controlled by an online portal.

Nextiva really shines as a hosted call center. Their Hosted Call Center Pro, and related Office Receptionist and Dashboard License, allows receptionists to run reports and keep meticulous details, as well as manage how calls are placed. In addition to the usual features such as Auto Attendant and ACD, NextOS empowers supervisors to manage multiple call centers across the globe. Call center agents can even take calls from home. The online portal allows workers to sign in and out, and even signal a problem to a supervisor. The supervisor, in turn, can monitor and record calls, silently chat with the agent or take over the call. Calls can be automatically rerouted to another call center in case of trouble. The customer gets the help he needs faster and more effectively.

The NextOS platform also empowers SMBs with those same features. Users can set a host of rules based on the incoming number and time of day, but what they can do with them is amazing. Depending on those rules, an incoming caller may hear a “pre-call alert,” a message before the phone call commences; or the user’s phone can have a specific ring; these features can be used for both personal and professional purposes, and never the twain shall meet. Also of note, while three-way conference calling is common, the NextOS platform allows for up to 15-way calling under SIP without a conference line, or a premium conference call bridge that supports up 294 audio participants.

The NextOS platform, now in its third version, takes advantage of every new innovation in the fields of VoIP, UCC and SIP trunking in order to give SMBs and call centers a new set of tools designed to increase productivity and make for a better user experience. NextOS 3.0 is an upgrade worthy of the phrase “next-generation.”

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