Good VoIP, bad VoIP. Did you know there was a difference? Cytracom wants you to know there is, and they’re good VoIP. The Plano, TX based Cytracom owns and maintains their own equipment, which has been designed and engineered specifically for Voice over IP traffic. Cytracom’s website plays up their high-tech infrastructure and 24/7/365 tech support, a one-two punch of reliability.

Cytracom’s feature set reads like a “usual suspects” of calling features we’ve come to expect, such as find me/follow me, voice mail alerts, call rules, and so on. The first unique feature I spotted was the option to selectively disable outbound calling on certain extensions. This is most likely for call centers, or at least any business that doesn’t want anyone making personal calls on company time. Cytracom listed a number of compatible IP phones, but didn’t list the prices on the web site, which suggested a BYOD approach.

Pricing was less than upfront. For the “get a quote” widget, you had two sliders: How many employees (up to 250) and how many lines (up to 29). The instant pricing calculator was a little too instant. It didn’t give me any breakdown.

Here are a few examples:
1 employee: $24/month
10 employees: $249/month
16 employees (number of lines slider appears): $279/month
249 employees, 29 lines: $3357/month

I received a call within a few minutes from Larry from Cytracom. I could tell by his accent he was, indeed, from Texas, “Big D,” as he put it, referring to Dallas. The two of us had a conversation about VoIP in general and about Cytracom, and it gave me a very clear view of what his company was about. Cytracom’s focus is on VoIP solutions for businesses exclusively. “We zero in on what we’re best at,” he said. They don’t host web sites, or have any other business. It’s always good to see that sort of focus. As to the prices, he did tell me that for large corporations, there was a discount of about $5 per extension once you go over 100 phones, and that with larger companies, there were IT support and other issues that require a more hands-on approach. When I asked about faxes, he recommended e-faxes and scanned emails, noting that they’re much clearer than faxes, which is true.

Cytracom offers competitive prices and a host of features. They can handle small businesses or large. The web site was Spartan, but it gave me everything a prospective buyer would want to know, including the list of features, how to use them, and how to benefit from them. If you want to get an account with Cytracom, you don’t have to deal with high-pressure sales tactics, but you will have to talk to an actual person, you don’t have the option of setting up an account online. Much like Nextiva and Fonality, they put their focus on current and future technologies and are willing to let go of the past.