Selecting a VoIP provider for your business is a daunting task that can seem overwhelming considering the extensive amount of features, pricing. The next installment in our “Head to Head” series pits two greatly accredited VoIP providers against each other in OnSIP & Nextiva. While OnSIP has many great perks to their service, Nextiva conversely has equally greater ones in a much different regard. At we are committed to bringing you unbiased guidance and assistance in choosing the perfect VoIP provider. This chart is no different, and as it is intended for that purpose, we earnestly provide these points of comparison for consumer benefit. That being said, explore the information contained below in an effort to find what is the best fit considering the specific needs of your business.

Features/Services Compared OnSIP
Monthly Cost of Cheapest Service $39.95/mo, with no limit on extensions, users, or phones. ​$19.95/mo [Price is per line for 21-100+ Lines]
Amount of Lines Per Pricing Tiers As there are no “lines”, one DID (number) can handle up to 25 simultaneous inbound calls and unlimited outbound calls.

The most basic package at $39.95/mo, includes 5-14 users for that particular package.

​1-4, 5-20, 21-99, 100+
Monthly Price per Extension, Unlimited U.S. & Canada Plans

No Charge for Users & Extensions (Flat Rate w/ package)

​No Unlimited Calling Plans Offered
All calls are 2.9 cents (per minute per specified areas)

​1-4 Lines: $34.95/mo (Pro) $44.95 (Enterprise)
5-20 Lines: $29.95/mo (Pro) $39.95 (Enterprise)
21-100+: $19.95/mo (Pro) $34.95 (Enterprise)
Unlimited Plan – US/Canada/Puerto Rico
$29.95/month with at least 4 lines
Free Mobile App Compatibility iOS, Android iOS, Android
Tech Support Hours & Location ​Mon-Thurs: 9AM – 8PM EST
Fri: 9AM – 6PM EST
US Based
Mon-Fri: 9AM-9PM EST
US Based
Fax Options ​N/A Free with Nextiva Office Plan
500 Pages – $4.95/mo
1000 Pages – $12.95/mo
3000 Pages – $29.95/mo
Conference Bridge Up to 15 numbers at once, $19.95/month $23.85/mo
Call Group/Simultaneous Ring Included w/ every package:

$39.95 package = 3 Groups
$99.95 package = 4 Groups & 1 ACD Queue
$195.95 package = 6 Groups & 2ACD

Each additional group above the allocated amount is $19.95

On-Hold Music Free Free
Toll-Free Number $7.00 for initial setup of number,
$2.00/mo thereafter
[Inbound calls are $0.039/min]
Number provided free
[Inbound calls are $.025 cents/min]
Group Paging/Intercom Free Free
Voicemail Transcription Free for each user [depending on the package allowance], $2.00 for additional voicemail boxes. Free
Switchboard Software for Live Receptionist Included w/ every package:

$39.95 package= 3 Attendant Menus
$99.95 package= 4 Attendant Menus
$195.95 package= 6 Attendant Menus

Each additional Attendant Menu is $19.95

Cost of PolyCom IP 550 Listed on Provider Web Site Any SIP phone will work with OnSIP $104.95 (after $50 mail-in rebate from Polycom)
​Money Back Guarantee 30-Day Free Trial, No Commitment 30-Day Trial w/ Full Refund Guarantee
More Details

After the ring of the bell, it’s a split decision. OnSIP has an extensive amount of features, and with each package, be sure to ask what’s included as they have a sliding scale with each (i.e. small package = 3 conference groups, medium = 4 conference groups). Of course, if you’re looking to fax, you may have to rely on your existing fax machine independent of their service. OnSIP seems a great fit for smaller companies who rely on a great deal of intra-office communications (due to the free calls between extensions). Also, check out OnSIP’s live webinars every Tuesday and Thursday run by their knowlegeable support team and staff as it’s a great feature for those just familiarizing themselves with VoIP.

At first glance, Nextiva’s prices also seemed a little high, yet they include many rich features with each line and have “no extra costs”. Explore your options, as Nextiva is willing to “match any price out there”. That’s correct…simply provide a quote from another provider and they will meet you halfway by integrating that price into their service tag. In any regard, I would advise customers to shop around and if you are doing just that, it might be in the best of interest to come to Nextiva once you have points of comparison are far as pricing. I’m not stating this as a detriment, but rather a compliment to their generous “Price Match” company policy.

Please note: The information listed here has been compiled by our own research sourced from each provider’s website, provider’s online chat discussions, and calls made to the provider’s telephone support team.