Choosing the best VoIP provider for your business can be a confusing process. We are doing a series of “head to head” comparisons of top business VoIP service providers. This series will read like a “tale of the tape,” comparing major features and price points. For this article, we compare Vocalocity and 8×8 Virtual Office. This article compares 8×8's Virtual Office, not the Virtual Office Pro. All fees listed are one-time activation fees. Premium features are listed as price per feature per line

Features/Services Compared Vocalocity
8x8, Inc
Amount of Lines Per Pricing Tiers <5, 5-10, 11-20, 21-50, 50+ <5, 6-20, 21-50, 51-100, 101-500, 500+
Monthly Price per Extension, Unlimited U.S. & Canada Plans $24.99 $19.99
Monthly Price per Extension,
Metered Calling
$15/month, $0.03/minute 250 minutes for $25, $0.029 per minute, $40 fee
Free Mobile App Compatibility iPhone, Android iPhone, Android
Tech Support Hours 9AM-9PM Eastern, US-based 8AM-Midnight Eastern, US-Based
Fax Options

Paperless Fax, Unlimited, $15/month,
No option for physical

fax machines

Unlimited US/Canada Fax $40/month, $30 fee, $60 fax machine

Metered fax: $16/month, $30 fee, $60 fax machine

Unlimited fax extension: $40/month, $30 fee, fax included in above plan

Metered Fax extension: $15/month, $30 fee,  fax included in above plan

Conference Bridge Up to 30 numbers at once,
$15/month + $0.03/minute
Up to 20 callers at once, free
Call Group/Simultaneous Ring $5/month Free
On-Hold Music

Choice of four, plus option of
uploading your own music

Choice of over 100, plus option of using professional
services for minimum of $63
Toll-Free Number Must purchase toll free number from external vendor then port over. Unlimited incoming toll-free minutes for $40/month $10 activation fee, $5 per number, minutes plans available:

150 minutes/month $4.99

1,500 minutes/month $39.99

5,000 minutes/month $94.99

20,000 minutes/month $359.99

50,000 minutes/month $849.99

100,000 minutes/month $1,599.99

Note: 8×8 claims will match competitor quotes

Group Paging/Intercom $5 per group, compatible with many Cisco/Linksys and PolyCom phones Up to 25 paging groups, free, with PolyCom VVX 500 Phone ($291.99)
Voicemail Transcription $5/month Not available
Switchboard Software for Live Receptionist Not available $20/month, $10 fee
Cost of PolyCom IP 550 Listed on Provider Web Site $220 $260
More Details

Partial list of free features offered by both Vocalocity and 8×8:

3-way calling, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voicemail to Email, Number Porting, Softphone, Call Park, Call Transfer, Do Not Disturb, MS Outlook/Cloud Integration, Desktop GUI, Web Portal, Free Mobile App

Final Notes:

It’s clear from the start that Vocalocity specializes in small business and 8×8 focuses on large businesses. But, in reviewing the details, I saw a trend I hadn’t noticed. Vocalocity is a better fit not for small businesses but for newer businesses, and 8×8 is a better fit for established businesses. Take the fax options for example. Vocalocity doesn’t offer a physical fax option, while 8×8 offers many fax plans that require on-premise equipment. The cost structure of toll-free numbers also hints at two differing views towards toll-free calling in general. It stands to reason that a small company would do well to go with Vocalocity in order to get features previously only available to large, well-established businesses, while a large, well-established business would do well to ditch their existing provider and make the jump to VoIP to lower their ongoing costs. Finally, remember that Vocalocity is infinitely scalable, and that no business is too small for 8×8.

We hope this helps you find a business VoIP provider that is best for you. If you currently use Vocalocity, or 8×8, please leave us a review of your experience with your VoIP provider.

Please note: The information listed here has been compiled by our own research sourced from each provider's website, provider's online chat discussions, and calls made to the provider's telephone support team.

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