As part of our ongoing RingCentral service review, today I received the Cisco SPA 525G IP phone. The unboxing and setup couldn’t have been easier. The box itself unfolded easily, and I didn’t have to break open any tape or unseal any plastic. It was a breeze to plug in the handset jack, the LAN cable, and the adapter. The stand was a “snap,” too. Once I got it set up, the color screen made it easy to see how it was connecting to the RingCentral server and activating itself. In about a minute, it was up and running, with a dial tone, ready to make calls. The bright screen makes it easy to see what lines are open, and the corresponding phone numbers. The handset and speakerphone have very crisp sound. I look forward to seeing how RingCentral compares to other business VoIP providers.