I took a few moments to set up an account with Business VoIP provider, 8×8, Inc on Tuesday. The process was smooth as their agents and sales team really take their time to guide you towards figuring out the best options for you and your business. Their friendly service agent Farrukh Naseem helped me select from numerous plans, and even had proper advice on what kind of hardware to use with my new service.

If you’re curious as to what that might have been, it was a toss up between Polycom’s SoundPoint 550 and Cisco’s 525G. I went with the 550 at a price of $109, which included the phone, one month of service, plus shipping ($9.99), and taxes ($16.03), for a total of $135.02. The first 30 days are free with the option to cancel with no penalty.

The unit is being shipped today, and should be arriving in about 3-5 business days. Once it has arrived, 8×8 offers a technical installation walkthrough in which an agent will call you at a designated time to help you setup and configure your 8×8 service. During this appointment, they will assist with number transfers as well — just make sure you’ve got your latest phone bill, customer service record, and list of numbers you plan to transfer. For mobile numbers, provide the last 4 digits of the primary account holder’s SS#, the mobile account ID, and associated PIN.

Another note: if you are calling 8×8, Inc. based on a referral, let the sales agent know exactly who directed you towards them.  Better yet, if you commission someone else into subscribing with them, make sure they mention you by name. 8×8 offers an incentive program where an enrollment in their services based on a reference, gets the individual who made the original recommendation $100 per line. In other words, a referral you give that results in 10 lines could award as much as $1000. As a show of good faith, you should probably get that person a nice lunch for the mention. Better yet, mention GetVoIP.com and we’ll make sure you get lunch.  It’s not such a bad deal, and considering the great deals and pricing involved, everybody wins.

For now, I’ll wait eagerly for my phone to arrive so I can further continue to review 8×8, Inc. phone services with my new Polycom 550. Until then, stay tuned true believers, because when I do, there’ll be more to see if 8×8’s service parallels their customer support in excellence.

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