According to a new study conducted by Cisco, employees (including management) of small to medium-sized enterprises will be out of the office for around 18 days during the summer months. However, 15 percent of firms actually feel that this figure could be as high as 36 days – with well over a month having fun in the sun while keeping actively involved in business.

Thanks to VoIP, along with cloud computing and video conferencing, a need for information and/or an impromptu meeting can be arranged and executed from virtually anywhere. “The results [of the study] demonstrate the extent to which telephone and video conferencing have become ingrained in the work habits of small business owners, since nearly half of the survey respondents say traditional, in-person meetings are becoming less relevant,” said Glenn Bray, senior director, Cloud Collaboration Applications Technology Group, Cisco. “It’s clear small business owners need to stay ‘connected’ to the office, even during the summer vacation season, and so we’ve given them the UC tools to not only meet, but also easily and efficiently manage content relevant for those meetings wherever they happen to be.”

Attesting to the growing trend (not limited to exclusively summer months), 23 percent of small business owners said they use VoIP solutions all season round. Furthermore, some 29 percent also said that they prefer VoIP or video conferencing solutions since arranging face-to-face meetings is often difficult and time consuming due to scheduling conflicts and the like.

With 80 days left in total this summer, perhaps it’s time to introduce your boss (or employees) to Business VoIP services so you can spend more time at the beach, and less time in the office.

​Source: Cisco: The Network