RingCentral Fax acts as an online fax machine, whether there is an actual fax machine in your office or not. Depending on your plan, you can send an outgoing fax with your fax machine, or from your computer. Incoming faxes can be sent to a fax number, or to your phone number email address (e.g.212-555-5555@rcfax.com). Because faxes go through RingCentral’s servers, your clients will not get a busy signal. You can receive up to 200 faxes over 100 lines at the same time, and RingCentral will either queue the faxes or send them to your online account.

The RingCentral GUI integrates with popular programs such as MS Outlook, Google Drive, and Dropbox. RingCentral also has a program called “FaxEditor” to add text and graphics to your faxes.

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