​Fonality’s HUD (Heads Up Display) is an intuitive way to take the office with you, not to mention streamline business communications to one central location. The solution is available on your mobile device for download in both the Apple and Android app stores. Fonality notes that we “waste 17 hours a week” trying to get ahold of partners and colleagues due to unsuccessful communications. In that case, I’d say it’s likely time to find some more productive employees…but I digress.

HUD’s Communication dashboard creates one central access point to communicate with everyone no matter where they are or what they’re doing. It provides status updates whether employees are in a meeting or at their desk, providing an interface for direct connection.

For instance, your boss Bill wants you to start putting cover sheets on your TPS reports. He can actually leave you an on-screen, voice recorded message in the morning that can be accessed via Fonality’s HUD, instructing you to do so. This will not only eliminate the chance of a miscommunication/repeating of the directives, but will also give you the option to respond by leaving a message, calling back, or initiating a secure chat session in case there’s any need for further instruction or questions.

Another great feature of Fonality’s HUD is it’s on-screen calling queue, keeping detailed stats (which only the manager can view) as in average talk time, how many calls were abandoned, etc. The whisper feature is also available to management for providing assistance to the agent if they are having a difficult time helping the customer (unbeknownst to them). Management can even “barge” on the call, which will give them complete control of the conversation to resolve whatever the issue may be.

Fonality’s HUD is extremely intuitive and really eliminates a lot of the frustration and wonder that comes with leaving messages that go unanswered or trying to get ahold of a specific colleague for information that may be unavailable. As a Unified Communications solution, Fonality’s Heads Up Display really stands alone in delivering a smart interface that can increase productivity and organization significantly. With the click of a mouse or the touch of a screen, Fonality’s HUD keeps you in touch with everyone, even if there’s a fire drill.

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