Phone Power live by their name, with a strong homepage that has their affordable pricing and features of service in large, vibrant print. They boast a range of domestic, international, hosted PBX, and SIP Trunking solutions no matter what your needs might be. The main page marqueed some great deals, along with a short tutorial on how to set up their homebrew phone adapter. It’s as easy as it seems, with the only procedure being plugging in your phone line and your Ethernet cable. At this point, you’re ready to go. Also highlighted was their great feature of an hour of free international calling, enhanced 911, and a unique and exclusive implementation of theirs called Failsafe. This feature essentially forwards calls to any number specified in the event of an Internet outage — something that could prove to be an invaluable tool pending a network failure. Their product is available worldwide, and even if you’re in Europe, the free calls to U.S. & Canada are still effective.

Amongst Phone Power’s manufactured hardware, was a zippy travel adapter, portable headset, and of course, the home adapter. All items were sold separately, though they did advertise their Phone Power Broadband Telephone Service Combo Pack, which included  the aforementioned items, a 5′ ethernet cable and a 1′ USB extension cable, for a great value of $79.99.

If you already have your own hardware, don’t fret, as Phone Power offers a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ option for new customers. There’s on-the-go options for their service through complete mobile support in the form of their free Softphone which carries all the features of rates of their service, and their iPhone App which basically does the same via your iOS device.

The overall impression from the page was a straightforward, well designed exhibition of exactly what Phone Power had to offer. With each click of a package, the math was done on the right side including taxes/surcharges, first month cost, and shipping and handling. This feature was useful in really getting an idea of how much startup costs would be, as well as monthly expenses. The site features a full forum, live chat with an agent whether your inquiry was for sales & billing or technical issues. There was a real honesty and trust conveyed through Phone Power’s no frills, no hidden charges, 7 days a week availability. It’s certainly not a surprise that Phone Power exclaims, “Our clients love us!”

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