Major VoIP provider RingCentral is in the middle of a service outage. Both inbound and outbound calls were down, starting at about 11:00am EST. RingCentral has been working hard to get their servers back up. About an hour later, they resumed service for outbound calls, but didn’t resolve the inbound call servers for another half an hour. As a follow up, they told their customers, on Facebook and on Twitter, to reboot their phones if they were still experiencing issues. As of this post (12:50pm EST, 9:50am local time for RingCentral), their service button is yellow, down from red a short time ago.

The response to the outage was mixed. Some immediately grumbled that this was the fifth service outage since May 10, 2012, and threatened to take their business elsewhere. Others defended RingCentral, saying they had never experienced problems, or that the tech support team had been very helpful.

The outage also provided for some unintentional humor at RingCentral’s expense. Although their servers were down, their marketing team was not.

Updated 1:13pm EST: All RingCentral Services should be back up and running normally. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact RingCentral support.