Jive Communications’ homepage had a well-designed slide show, featuring sleek frames changing between attractive and enterprising young urban professionals– some so chic, they seemed apathetic.  Anyway, I was motivated at this juncture to see what exactly the company was offering, as they urged, “Relax, It’s Jive.” Nothing seemed alarming yet, so relaxation wasn’t exactly a priority, but I gracefully took their advice and adjusted my posture.  Onward, it was time to explore the “most reliable, robust…redundant hosted platform” and “#1 rated hosted VoIP provider.”

Firstly, Jive has an impressive roster of partnerships in companies like Polycom, Cisco, Microsoft, Verizon, and other global leaders in telecommunications services and hardware. The website also featured self-produced Jive Case Studies to see examples of how Jive Hosted VoIP and other Jive UC solutions were implemented successfully in a variety of industries and organizations. This was a real break from the traditional personal testimonials, and really made clear exactly how Jive’s solutions were being put in motion. One study showed how vastly improved patient care and worker efficiency by means of hand-help computers and mobile telecommunications devices at Orbit Medical, based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

There were live chats available for technical support and even general help, along with a decent library of demonstration and tutorial videos. The click of each brought front and center, a high quality Youtube video without leaving the page.  Jive highlighted the release of a recent video (on June 25th) illustrating the advantages of Hosted PBX.

Jive even offered free Cisco and Polycom VoIP phones to enterprise commercial and public sector clients with 3-year contracts. There was also a live sales team – a welcome difference from the usual procedure of submitting for a quote through a widget.  Jive’s ‘Total Cost of Ownership Analysis’ emphasized the significant cost savings available to Priority-1 E-Rate eligible institutions when switching to Jive Hosted VoIP in the education section, with the cost per user being about $21 less per user on their PBX. Other prices on the site seemed more than reasonable and great as compared with other service providers. I advise those looking for plans to check out some of the fantastic bargains and options featured on their site.

Returning to my initial impression, the final one I had matched just that, aside from the whole uninvolved bit. Founded in 2006, Jive is certainly a dedicated, young company only excelling, and looking great in the process. Their partnerships alone are enough to vouch for the level of integrity and business ethos they already have in what seems a bright and enterprising future as a VoIP provider. Jive Communications provides enterprise-grade Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications to businesses and institutions worldwide.

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