What can you say about a company that celebrates a big contract by having a picnic in their parking garage, topped off by launching paper airplanes en masse? I’d say it’s a company that values creativity and treats its employees like they are a team. It’s working for Google, and I’d say it’s working for Fonality, too.

Fonality, based out of Plano, Texas, was founded in 2004. They market to growing small and medium sized businesses, emphasizing how much time and money users will save compared to older, legacy systems. Their videos underscore how Fonality can connect customers to agents faster, easier, and more accurately. This means more productivity, which leads to businesses both saving and making more money. Like every business VoIP provider, they offer features that were once very expensive, such as auto attendants, automatic or skills-based call distribution, and manager call surveillance and analysis. Their flagship software is called the Fonality HUD (heads up display), which connects the phones, desktop, and applications into one graphical user interface.

Fonality offers Hosted and Hybrid Hosted PBX. In a hosted solution, Fonality hosts the PBX within their own data center. With no on-site equipment, the costs associated with installing, maintaining, and upgrading such equipment disappear. Hosted solutions allow customers to use the Fonality HUD. Hybrid hosted solutions combine existing legacy PBX systems with off-site hosting. With a hybrid hosting system, Fonality monitors, backs up, and upgrades software automatically, while messages, call prompts and message options remain on company premises. Call logs can also be exported for use in database software. The hybrid hosting page heavily implied that you had access to the Fonality HUD, but it didn’t come right out and say it. Considering it’s their biggest selling point, there should be no doubt that anyone who buys your service has access to your best feature.

On June 25, 2012, the network was out for a little more than an hour, during the afternoon if you were in the United States. Their customers were on edge, but their Twitter team was working as hard as their IT department doing damage control. They reached out to many of their customers individually, and, after the servers were back up, urged any customers who were still having problems to let them know right away. It’s that sort of personal service, much like their paper plane party, that shows the true character of a company.

The web site didn’t list any prices, instead opting for a “Request A Quote” widget. Under different circumstances, I might view that as a little suspicious, like the prices were high enough to hide from potential customers. Knowing what I know about Fonality, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that they perhaps do want to give each customer personalized service.

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