When I arrived at 8×8.com, the first thing I noticed was the gentleman triumphantly raising his arms atop what seemed to be a mountain or pinnacle of sorts. Was this perhaps a metaphorical representation of the heights I could reach with 8×8, Inc.? I’m still not so sure of all that, but what I am sure of, is that 8×8, Inc. has a firm grasp on what it takes to be an industry leading business VoIP service provider.

Their website offered solutions for small businesses, governmental agencies, and everything in between. 8×8 also offered an extensive customer support interface, including numbers to their support center and the option to chat with a live agent who would answer questions in real-time. The main page had various drop-downs but was not as disorienting as some sites, since the sub-headers made sense. I often find drop-downs to be crammed, where the information offered below a main header is either irrelevant or miscategorized; not the case with 8×8.

8×8 had a great feature in it’s self-titled Virtual Room, a way to video conference within the cloud. They offered this service at a three different, flat rate monthly plans, which allowed for for up to 15 participants each. The Low-Def Plan was $99.00 for the initial year of service, with the standard-def plan running at 349.99, and their High-Def Plan at $499.99. Note that you’ll need at least one Virtual Office Pro extension, Polycom HDX devices, Adobe Flash 10.3 or later along with Java, and adequate bandwidth to utilize this service. Virtual Room really seemed like a great way to conduct high quality video conferences via the cloud with incurring charges per minute or user.

In the bottom right corner of the page, I saw a 30-day money back guarantee for all 8×8 services. If you are in fact, unsatisfied with your 8×8 business service for any reason in the first 30 days after signing up, you may cancel for a refund of equipment and activation fees. The only place you’d have to cut your losses would be shipping and handling fees, as well monthly service fees, minutes of use on metered plans and any international per-minute charges. They also featured a Referral Rewards system, which offered some serious dividends for directing anyone to their service.

8×8, Inc. had no shortage of testimonials expressing how great their service was, and the sheer magnitude of their positive feedback and seemingly endless length of the page only confirmed the impression I’d gotten from their site. The 3 S’s of VoIP seemed to be there in solutions, services, and support which were clear and concise at every click. On that note, I’ll discontinue the gross display of alliteration and strongly urge you to consider 8×8 for their transparency in customer service and affirmative presence as a VoIP provider. 8×8 was also recently awarded two new patents to help them achieve further levels as a leading VoIP provider.