There’s something to be said for unapologetically going after a niche audience. Vocalocity has laser-like focus on not just small business, but specific small businesses. Their first banner ad on their website touts their success with healthcare providers. Now that’s a very targeted demographic. It’s a great marketing strategy for them. Vocalocity is a small business in a nascent market, and they appeal to other small, and growing, businesses. Videos of customer testimonials specifically mentioned that switching to Vocalocity helped their business grow.

Probably the best feature they have going for them is that you can tailor which features you want. Sometimes you want to go big, sometimes you have to pinch pennies. Either way, you’re not locked into a contract. Right at the bottom, there’s a big honkin’ button that says “Design Your Phone System.” So, I got to it. First, it asked two basic questions: how many locations, and what I would call each location (the default is “Main Office.”) Large or small, each office could choose how many office extensions, and how many cell phone virtual extensions. Then, I got four options: paperless fax, call queue, call group, and conference bridge. I then clicked on “View your design” and I got a graphic of the connections between offices, and how much it would cost. Here are a couple examples I tried:

5 Location setup:
Location 1: 2 office extensions, 5 cell phones
Location 2: 1 office extension, 9 cell phones
Location 3: 2 office extensions, 2 cell phones
Location 4: 10 office extensions,7 cell phones
Location 5: 0 office extensions, 1 cell phone
Option: Conference Bridge
Estimated Monthly Cost: $974.60

1 Location Main Office setup:
1 office extension, 3 cell phones
Option: Paperless fax
Estimated Monthly Cost: $54.98

The prices seem very reasonable, and Vocalocity is very upfront. They don’t shy away from bargain-hunting browsers who aren’t ready to talk to a salesperson just yet. But, it looks to be very easy, although I wasn’t able to complete my order online, and was told to call their 877# to “Get Started.”

I did manage to get a glimpse of some their videos, and according to the videos, the setup is as simple as plugging the equipment in and turning it on. I would recommend Vocalocity for any small business. If you have a small business with under twenty employees, Vocalocity is a great place to start looking. Vocalocity user reviews shared with are on the positive side as well.