Based on reports we have received from our website visitors and twitter today, RingCentral experienced a service interruption for the third time this month. Today’s outage lasted for approximately 30 minutes during normal business hours, RingCentral provided updates via it’s company twitter feed and company support website.

The company’s support website issued the following statement during today’s outage: “The RingCentral network is currently experiencing issues impacting our voice phone services. Some users may experience calls not ringing on their Digital Lines but other forwarding numbers are working. No other services are affected at this time. The RingCentral team is aware of the issues and is actively working to fix the problem. We will continue to update this website with additional information. We apologize for any service interruption to your business.”

Beyond today’s phone system outage, RingCentral users were down on May 10, 2012 and May 14, 2012 during business hours. As a business phone service provider, 3 service outages during business hours can be very detrimental to customers.