VoIPdito Receives ITSPA Quality Mark

VoIPditoLondon-based provider VoIPDito, has been rewarded with the honor of an ITSPA quality mark. The ITSPA is the official trade association representing UK based business phone network operators and service providers involved in the supply of VoIP services to businesses and residential consumers within the United Kingdom and across the European Union.

“This Quality Mark means a lot to us. It’s something we have been working for ever since we entered the marketplace. We knew we needed to stand out from the crowd, and there is no better way to do that than with the ITSPA Quality Mark," stated VoIPDito's CTO Hugh Porter.

Presently the ITSPA has over 50 VoIP service providers as members, with only 18 of these members having received an ITSPA quality mark. The ITSPA Quality Mark was introduced to: ‘be a suitable way of recognising those that go the extra mile’ in providing business VoIP services. Members of the ITSPA have to formally self-certify themselves each year to apply for the Quality Mark, with the criteria required to join the ITSPA being reviewed each year.

Source: PR Web

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