The Power of Word of Mouth - VoIP Provider Incentive Programs

Customer Recommendations & Referrals Keep Businesses and Clients HappyThere's nothing more gratifying than steering your peers, colleagues, and business partners in the right direction, subsequently getting that sincere "thank you" later on. Customer recommendations are a strong form of advice - one that many businesses acknowledge for their indisputable potential to bring in new subscribers, or conversely, send them into oblivion. I'm guilty of meticulously shopping around, and as much as I'll read 'professional' reviews over and over, it's usually the recommendation of a respected and well-known friend, family member, or business associate that goes furthest with me.

Recently, Liz Pedro, Customer Programs Manager at ShoreTel opened the door for consumers to get a good look at the high amount of conversion they've had on customer references. Liz noted that most managers are happy to "even get five percent" or their eventual customers from customer references. Well, ShoreTel has had an astounding 29% of these customers flock to their product through this method - almost unheard of. 

The recommendation of a fellow business really goes a long way, and there's always those people or sites that you trust most in the process of making a decision. It is this that completes a viable circle of marketing, and the main reason companies typically highlight customer success stories, testimonials, and reward those who recommend them to bring in business. Here's a few of the great partner & customer referral programs, along with some of the incentives offered by the top VoIP providers in the industry:

Service ProviderProgram/Incentives Offered

Nextiva Affiliate Program: To be a potential partner, interested parties may sign up here. Partners enjoy payments on both leads and sales, a 120-day cookie, and top selling products on leads and commissions.

Nextiva Products & Commissions

Customers of Nextiva may also receive $20 per line for voice of fax plan by contacting a sales rep (exclusive of the Affiliate Program). Make sure the party seeking service mentions your name when signing up, and that you've also been a customer of Nextiva's for at least 90 days.

See what consumers are saying about Nextiva, or leave us your own personal review and experience here


Vocalocity offers a number of partner programs, including Preferred, Premier, and Wholesale - it's all according to what works best for you and your business. Several of these plans have a sliding scale of benefits, where you get out what put into it. Check out more details here.

As far as the Vocalocity customer referral program, it's got perks for everyone involved. The party refered to them recieves the first month FREE for all unlimited and metered extensions – simply by mentioning your name. Note that the program changes from month-to-month, and typically requires that you be a customer for 90 days to be eligible to redeem the rewards. There are a few other items needed as well for their latest program, which you can look over here:

Vocalocity's Referral Program Through December

See what consumers are saying about Vocalocity, or leave us your own personal review and experience here


Like the previously discussed providers, Fonality has programs for both partners and customer referrals. Those who are interested, may check out the Fonality Partner Plus Program for a comprehensive guide on the benefits of being an active member - whether a reseller or affiliate. In their 3 for 3 video, John Young, VP of Product Development speaks on the logistics of their partner/channel programs:

The customer referral program info from Fonality may be found here - those with an account for at least 90 days who are interested in following through being able to fill out a short form and reap the benefits.

See what consumers are saying about Fonality, or leave us your own personal review and experience here


RingCentral offers a number of unique partner programs, catered to various kinds of business. Affiliates, Agents, Resellers, Franchises, and even Cisco partners can get onboard.

RingCentral are also running a really cool customer referral program for cloud business signings, where you could even win a pair of Super Bowl Tickets! Plus, there's the potential to get a Visa eGift card for up to a thousand bucks with enough referrals. Similar to other programs, those making the referral must be subscribers of RingCentral for a period of 90 days to be eligible. Check out the tiers for each referral and the linked award:

Customer Referral Rewards - RingCentral

See what consumers are saying about RingCentral, or leave us your own personal review and experience here

8x8, Inc.

8x8, Inc. offers an extensive Cloud Services Partner Program for varying partner types. 8x8 understands the growing interest in cloud technology, and sees the perfect sense in benefitting alongside others with the same comprehension. As seen, the potential for revenue and commissions is more than considerable:8x8, Inc Cloud Services Financial Model
Not to be overlooked, is 8x8's customer referral program, which is less complex but just as rewarding. Early last year, 8x8 hit the $1 million mark in referral rewards, and continues to hand out an average of $500 to referring businesses (Since October 2008). Here's some of the rewards 8x8 offers for fruitful recommendations:

  • 8x8 Virtual Office—$100 for each extension
    (Virtual Office Solo is not eligible)
  • 8x8 Contact Center—One month's monthly recurring service charge
    (e.g. if the 8x8 Contact Center monthly fee is $500/month, you get a one-time fee of $500)
  • 8x8 Managed Hosting Services—One month’s monthly recurring charges 
    (e.g. if the 8x8 Managed Hosting fee is $500/month, you get a one-time fee of $500)
  • 8x8 Virtual Room—One month's monthly recurring service charge
    (e.g. if the 8x8 Virtual Room monthly fee is $199/month, you get a one-time reward of $199)

Subscribers need to be in good standing for a period of 60-days to be eligible for the customer referral program, and can either get involved by calling in or filling out a short form to get the ball rolling. For more details, visit 8x8's resource page on this particular program.

See what consumers are saying about 8x8, or leave us your own personal review and experience here


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